Rebecca Crews, Terry’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Many people are familiar with actor and former Old Spice spokesperson Terry Crews, but exactly how much do you know about this wife? Terry’s Wife, Rebecca King-Crews, is a fascinating woman with a story of her own. Terry and Rebecca have been married since 1990 and currently have three daughters, Wynfrey, Azriel and Tera. Rebecca is a famous gospel singer and was also well-known for her stunning beauty.

  1. Rebecca did a 90-Day Sex Fast with her Husband

Rebecca and Terry decided that they wanted to challenge themselves by going 90 days without having sex with each other. At the end of 90 days, Terry stated that he felt even closer to her. Rebecca told the press that no sex was allowed for the full three months—only talking and cuddling. The gospel singer added that while going without sex for 90 days was quite a challenge, she too felt as though they became closer as a couple. The news about their 90-day sex fast was a surprise to the public, but they said that it’s just something they wanted to share.

  1. She was crowned Miss Gary, Indiana in 1984

It’s no secret that Rebecca King-Crews was and still is an amazing beauty, but did you know she was actually crowned as Miss Gary, Indiana back in 1984? She was voted as Miss Gary, Indiana during her senior year of high school at Lew Wallace. This information was initially available on her website, which is no longer around. Rebecca has said that she grew up in Gary but now resides in Los Angeles, California. She and Terry were dating at the time, though they had yet to be engaged. She has stated that the pageant was based on overall appearance as well as personality traits. According to Wild Tattoo Art, they were once about to get Tattoos For Couples

  1. She had a child before getting married to Terry

Rebecca had a daughter just one year before marrying Terry, and her name is Naomi. On the family’s reality TV show, Naomi confessed in an episode that she was pregnant. Unmarried at the time, it was a dramatic scene in the show and something that ultimately brought the family closer together. Rebecca has not commented much on her daughter’s pregnancy, but has said that she adores her granddaughter. What about her tattoos ? I think tribal tattoos those were ..

  1. Terry had a Porn Addiction that Almost Drove Rebecca Away

Terry stated in his autobiography entitled “Manhood” that he used to have a crippling addiction to watching pornography, and it almost ended his marriage. Rebecca told the press that she considered divorcing Terry because of his problem, but they ultimately ended up working on it together and becoming a stronger couple. She described that period in their marriage as being very hurtful and difficult. Terry says that these days porn is no longer a problem and he doesn’t even really watch it anymore.

  1. She had hesitations about doing their Reality TV Show in the first place

While the reality TV show “The Family Crews” was wildly popular, Rebecca King-Crews hasn’t been shy about saying about hesitant she was to be involved in it. She told the press that she had a lot of doubts about putting her family in the spotlight in such a way. The show ended back in 2011 without much of an explanation, but it achieved fairly high ratings while it was still on. Rebecca said that her motherly instinct to protect her family almost got in the way of making the reality TV show, but she ultimately decided to go through with it. She has said that she’s part of a show business family, and thought that doing the show probably wouldn’t do any harm.

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