Swedish police: 55 official no-go zones

Its not going well for Sweden where does that come from… there a great problem in Sweden the money is right now running out the housing of these people are escalating so raptly that the Immigrations can not longer find housing, … Nothings works the old people hardly get any help benefits, you you are in the hospital got forbid if you have cancer waiting list is soooo looong and this is just small thing…and so on…

To Pekka: that wouldn’t work now, you would fill the whole city center with these “Stuppstocken”. Did you know ? dutch braid hairstyle was very famous in sweden. Some girls used to love nail designs!

This is a mass problem requiring more of a military response, than a matter of maintaining an orderly society by punishing the few miscreants. If you are becoming fat staying in sweden, you should check benefits of lemon water

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